Monday, November 9

Monday Shop Update

Well Sunday felt less like fall and a lot like late summer, as will today, but I can't be fooled by it. I talked to my father on the phone yesterday, he lives in North Carolina, and his words to me were "better get outside and enjoy it before it all turns to shit!" Which is true, but the thing is, once the snow falls I find myself outside almost more than in the summer. Hiking in the winter is a whole different animal compared to summer hiking, and although I love this Indian summer we are having I will not lament for there's truly something to love about every season if you ask me. That being said, today on our hike we were coatless which felt almost decadent. We also saw an eagle, which is huge as you might imagine, not the bird, well, the bird is huge, but I meant, it as an event is huge. Double hugeness. Is that a word, hugeness? Looks sort of ridiculous...


Jeannine Kinsey said...

*swoon* The first coat and dress are so lovely, but my favorite is the striped skirt. Perfect for this time of year.
I'm sure you get this question all the time, but, where on earth do you find all these gems? I've tried the thriftshops around where I live and I can never find anything half as nice (or vintage) as the wonderful pieces you sell.
Thank you for inspiring us all with your wonderful styles. I get so many ideas from your posts.

Zohar said...

The dresses are beauitful

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