Sunday, November 8

Can you spot the girl who just saw Coco Avant Chanel?

I will admit to a little embarrassment here, and that I usually do not do when it comes to clothing. I am usually unapologetic about my clothes - if you don't like my outfit, it doesn't much matter to me. But I have this affinity for the Edwardian period and that is something that is hard to reveal through clothing in day to day living. It's not exactly chic or fashion forward, it's the utter opposite - totally fashion backwards! But nonetheless, I have many clothes that are authentically Edwardian or are 1980s revivals of that time periods clothing. So anyway, I've got a thing for it, and seeing Coco Avant Chanel recently just reminded me of it in a major way. I should have worn THIS for Halloween! But instead I am wearing it in real life - today! Ha! Yes yes, I know there is a Steampunk movement and all that and so this isn't SO strange, but seriously, I have been loving this style since high school. My mom used to make some serious fun of me for wearing high collars all the time. And some years ago I was visiting a very good friend who lived out of town and her circle of friends would refer to me as "The Countess" because I always wore frilly high collars and this was way after high school. It seems my love for the Edwardian period is permanent be there are Steampunk movement or a death of the Steampunk movement. Now if I could just grow my hair to be ridiculously long so I could pile it on my head like a Gibson girl...

I will say though, I am not wearing the hat and jacket, for one thing it's too warm and the second reason is, I just feel like the hat with the outfit makes me someone wearing a costume. What's more sad about that is that I don't even mind! But I have spared the general public from it and just wore the blouse and skirt. It's a bit like a Trekkie person going out into the world with Spock ears glued on or something, you know?

blouse - a thrifted
skirt - thrifted
boots - garage sale
hat - thrifted
jacket - thrifted, but from Anthropologie (LOVE when that happens!)


reilly said...

You look great! I know how you feel, though! It's a little easier to get away with the 30s, 40s, or 50s than to revisit fashions 100 years older or more!

sarah said...

Seriously, you look so amazing! I too have a deep love for all things Victorian and Edwardian, and wish that it was a look that was easier to pull off on a day to day basis. Because I DO have ridiculously long hair, I have to be careful when I do that look that I don't come off looking like I came from an isolated religious sect!

catherine_sr. said...

I LOVE this outfit! My favorite period in high school was the Edwardian period, too, and I would wear ankle-length skirts with long coats and boats. I never looked quite as elegant as you do here -- my skirts were just skirts I bought from Old Navy (this was when long skirts were in fashion and you could get them anywhere) and I prob. looked more insane than Edwardian -- but I loved the way they made me feel.

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