Thursday, October 8

When the days run together

Thursday already...all my days seems to have run together this week and I am having trouble knowing what day it is. It feels like the only places I ever go are the thrift/vintage shops, the post office and the dry cleaner. Today I spent no time in any of these places but instead stayed home the whole day, that'll really make you forget what day it is! Thankfully my brother came over so I didn't have to just talk to the cats all day. I had a lot of time to work in the shop and do this big shop update!


Blueberry Shoes said...

i just love your finds! you must frequent some pretty sweet shops!!!!

caramelizedvintage said...

Great finds! I love those brown brogues!

Anonymous said...

so wunderful. the red cap is such great! the colors fit you very well

AlicePleasance said...

You can't go wrong with a red beret :-)

leila wylie said...

Sometimes your blonde model reminds me of Peggy from Mad Men. I think it's mostly the clothes but they have similar facial expressions sometimes.

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