Friday, October 9

Four Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Here are four favorites from the "back" of the shop, but there really is no "back" of the shop because I add things all day long, everyday! Today I am headed to some of my very favorite spots to find some 1940s dresses and's a rainy day so before I go I am all set to make some peach-pecan french toast!


Sally Jane Vintage said...

You are the queen of listing on Etsy. I don't know how you do it! All such lovely items. One of these days, I'm going to get around to updating my shop again!

calivintage said...

you are so on the autumn colors thing! how do you do it?

caramelizedvintage said...

Oh that first dress is so amazing. I love the colors and it totally reminds me of halloween and leaves changing color!

Peach-pecan french toast...sounds really delicious.

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