Wednesday, October 14

Wednesday Shop Update

A while ago I post a shop update full of blues and admitted that I am just not a blue person. Now I must admit to you that I am also not a red person. So it's the same deal, when I get to posting red in the shop I like to get it all out there and be done with it. That being said, whenever I actually wear red, I seem to like it. It's just not a color I gravitate toward and if there's a garment in red or blue I often think of how much more I might like it if it were gray or champagne or mustard yellow...but, BUT, this top red dress is an exception, it has to be red, it's gorgeous red, it's showstopping. The simple design of the dress lends itself so well to that bold red color (even more bright red in person).

Yesterday my mom was over and she worked on mending a whole entire pile of things I have been wanting to put in the shop but could not. As it turns out she's going to be a Dear Golden regular seamstress and come every week to work in the shop - she's a very good seamstress (and shoe measurer!) so I am really happy to have her help and it also means not passing up garments that aren't perfect...yet!


Q's Daydream said...

Darn, I wish my feet weren't so big! That's great your mom is helping you! My Mom goes thrifting with me all the time :o)

Brook said...

Moms are so great! Mine does my mending as well. I wish I would have paid attention during those years we were sharing a roof and she was stitching away on a million different projects, all the while encouraging me to learn the skill.

tenthings. said...

the red dress is out of this world beautiful!

beckydrolen said...

i also give a serious cringe anytime i buy something red for my shop. i dont mind it so much for purses and shoes, but i really dislike having red near my face with blouses and dresses. probably a strange quirk, but yes, i would grab an earth tone any day over red or blue.

Mary S. said...

Love these additions! I'm not a red person either, but I do have a one red-dress exception. It looks quite similar to this one too. Also - I adore that head piece, so cute! :)

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