Wednesday, October 14

I keep keeping

This is the best-worst time of year. I like it more than any time of year and I like the clothing more than that of any other season. Recently I shopped for the shop and found tons of amazing sweaters and while photographing them, the "mine" pile just grew and grew - as did my guilt! This amazing sweater was totally for the shop, it came from an estate and it's a cashmere & angora blend, ridiculously soft and warm to boot. It would not fit on the dress form so I put it on myself and well, that was that. I also have a deep affinity for these 1970s plaid wool skirts and have for years and years (I had quite a collecting in 5th grade...). I keep buying them for the shop and then keeping them too. Today I am going to make a concerted effort and use a ruthless eye to remove these garments from my clutches and put them in the shop, I mean, how many of these skirts do I need? But they come in THE best colors and with a slip and over the knee socks they are so so warm and it saves me from wearing pants!

cream cashmere turtleneck - estate sale
plaid wool skirt - thrifted
over the knee socks - SockDreams (love this shop!!)
brown heeled brogues - thrifted


wool and spool said...

just think of the money you'll save on heating while wearing those fabulous sweaters!

Q's Daydream said...

adorable! :o)

Brittany Noel said...

that sweater is so great! i love the belt especially. and i've definitely noticed a trend with those skirts on here lately. i haven't minded, i think they're so darn cute. love the shoes too! basically, awesome outfit. i'd have a hard time selling them, too.

littlebyrd said...

I love a plaid skirt! You look wonderful :)

Lagelle said...

super cutness & know about the keep on keepin lol. lovin ur blog ;-) btw come visit

Vivi said...

That is the PERFECT cowl/turtleneck. So perfect.

Teresa @ good-grace said...

You look so gorgeous!! :)

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