Friday, October 23

If you build it...

1940s sweater dress from Cabana Vintage

My latest vintage sweater dress for my collection that is growing steadily! This amazing dress was reserved, then unreserved on Etsy and once the inital buyer backed out I was right there to scoop it up, I even bought from my phone while up north on vacation, I wanted this frock so badly! And it's mine, arrived today and is so stunning I am planning to wear it to the vintage show I am going to tomorrow! And I was wondering what shoes I would wear with it until I remembered I have these great emerald patent leather heels that will go perfectly! Not so great for the rainy weather we are having, but the show IS indoors.


FrivolousFlapper said...


caramelizedvintage said...

That is such a beautiful sweater dress. I love that geometric detailing.

I hope you have fun at the vintage show. Those patent green heels would be just perfect with it!

Rachel C. said...

that sweater dress is pure perfection.


Amber said...

So gorgeous! It is always great to dress "inappropriately" for the weather. In our modern lives we spend so little time actually outside, so who cares, right?

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