Tuesday, September 29

When time stands still

I could attempt to impart in words my love for this dress, but alas, I cannot. My heart aches when I see it, so perfectly WWII, so lovely with it's creamy peach sorbet crepe and the ultra feminine ruched sweetheart neckline, the styling is timeless to me...maybe it is my affinity for 1930s dresses, peachy ones in particular, but I will be without a dry eye the day I mail this to it's new owner. May she be as smitten as I am...this dress is shipped with a huge amount of love.


Q's Daydream said...

oh lordy!!!! wowness :o) I know nothing I'm saying is proper english, but I don't care, lol :o)

reilly said...

Gorgeous! Amazing color.

Blythe Hopes Vintage said...

haha - I've had dresses like that where I just DO NOT want to sell them.

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