Tuesday, September 29

I saw the film The Duchess this evening and while the movie was nothing amazing, the styling was, particularly the hats, some of them were large enough to require their own zip code (and of course I wanted them...talk about "practical"...) and it all reminded me of this great photoshoot by Steven Meisel from Vogue Italia, March 2008. I saw these posted on another blog with a pretty fantastic name (Les Yeux sans Visage) that if I am not mistaken is lifted from the Billy Idol song "Eyes Without a Face", but in French obviously.

At any rate, I have a secret affinity for all things Baroque, music and clothing included, and the film was a feast of the eyes with all the amazing hats and dresses. This photo set (that looks so completely painted and not like photographs at all) from Steven Meisel takes a modern twist, albeit for the macabre of that Baroque fashion styling.


Nelly said...

The styling IS amazing. I love the styling in Marie Antoinette too. So romantic and dreamy. But yes, the movie is "nothing to write home about" except it's based on a real story.

Thank you for posting these beautiful photos. Great inspiration.


sarah said...

I think that this time period is probably one of my biggest inspirations. I do need to see the movie (I'm the most behind the times person in the world when it comes to films), if only for the costumes!

These photos are absolutely incredible.

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