Tuesday, August 4

Tuesday Shop Update


And also...I am doing my very first giveaway! It's on So About What I Said, a very
pretty blog written by sweet Melissa.

I am giving away this bright scarf, all you have to do is comment on this post and your
name will be included by random selection to win!


AlicePleasance said...

The hat, the first dress, the shoes...all wonderful!!

Deane said...

Hello! I've been reading for a couple weeks and ordered the pumpkin suede clutch from your shop - it arrived so quickly and is LOVELY! I can't wait to pair it up with some fall ensembles. I enjoy seeing what you're wearing each day - very inspring!

reilly said...

Ah, I'm sure it is lovely! I loved the stripes in those pastel-y colors and that middy collar!

Kat said...

Oh love that hat! Nice blog.

Lightning Heart said...

ohhhhh that scarf is gorgeous!
love those shoes too :D

Della said...

Love the scarf! ;)

Ms. Case said...

fantastic hat! charming and classy, well done!

LIZ said...

So cute hat :)
classy :)

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