Wednesday, August 5

Nothing is thrifted

For once I am wearing an out void of anything thrifted. Though, nothing is new, which sounds like a riddle, but is really quite simple -

• vintage confetti rose dress - antique store near my house
• peach bow belt - from Becky Drolen, on Etsy. I saw this belt probably moments after she listed it, because otherwise it would have been sold, I did even hesitate for a second before scooping it up!
• shoes - Forever 21, which is against my rules because I hate cheap shoes, but they were SO cheap, $5! Too cheap to pass up because after all they are pale, they are nude and I just cannot resist pale things!
• yellow rose hair clip - from Bowsweet, on Etsy


reilly said...

I love the belt! all the colors in the photo are so nice!

ScottieinaCanoe said...

sweet ensemble! The belt is like the icing on a cupcake :)

michelle said...

lauren, this is probably my favorite of all your posted outfits!! i really thought that bow belt was part of the dress!!


Sacky said...

so you could totally wear this dress with a little cardigan and wellies a la The Edge of Love, which we watched last night and which prompted me to buy these some green canvas Hunter boots. Bring on the rain!

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