Friday, August 7

Four Friday Favorites

I woke up late today, so late (perils of not setting an alarm and going to bed TOO late because I was reading and because I drank a coffee ice cream shake at 9pm!) Thankfully I had this skirt just sitting out because my lovely mother had shortened and hemmed it up all nice for me. I wish there were a microchip I could be put in my brain that would impart to me her sewing skills. And to be honest, I did not know what to wear with it, I didn't want to wear gray or yellow and be too matchy-matchy so I went with a plain white t-shirt which is a little out of character for me, but I have to say I am SO comfy and when you are running late and feel harried it's so nice to have on clothing that is easy to wear. The other night I came home from work and did yoga, then left my yoga clothes on and marveled at how blissfully comfortable I was. I would not say I am usually uncomfortable in my clothes, but since so many are vintage they are sometimes more fragile, or fitted and well, wearing yoga clothes is the opposite end of that. I momentarily fantasized about getting rid of all my "real" clothes and just wearing yoga clothes all the time. Nutty.


Here are Four Friday Favorites from the "back" of the shop!


ScottieinaCanoe said...

am liking your little striped skirt this morning--not too mention those shoes from the back of the shop. wish they were my size!

Brittany Noel said...

love that skirt! i think the tshirt is the perfect thing to pair with it.

those huraches are begging for me to buy them. i would if i didn't have giant feet... :(

calivintage said...

that skirt is soooo beautiful. the colors are lovely and you look great as usual.

i feel you on the yoga clothes. sometimes it's nice to feel lazy and comfy. ahhh.

Meaghan Kelly said...

awww i love that little purse!! :)

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