Friday, July 24

She oded me.

Jarsika, of Blueberry Deluxe Vintage (love that name, love. it.) has written me an ode. It is my first ode and I am all atwitter, I mean, who gets odes these days!? Below is her charming ode and also some shop selections from her Etsy shop. I have my eye on the champagne blouse with buttons on the shoulder...
and the little whipper-snapper Jarsika gifted it to me!! I feel like a princess today,
a princess who just sat at a desk in an office, at a University all day.

ODE to Dear Golden:

Your spirit so gold,
Your clothes so old,
The crazy numbers you have sold,
Your state so cold,
Your style so bold,
Your cute little feet (truth be told),
Now I must go, I have a pug to scold.



ThePeachTree said...

Um.... this just made my mornings for the rest of the week. Awesome :)

alexkeller said...

too cute - love my dress!

Claradevi said...

These are awesome. You're so lucky! :)

Brittany Noel said...

An ode! How fitting to come from one vintage shop to another, and both amazing! That blouse is fantastic :)

jarsika said...

Hehe! Oh the wonders of the internet. How I can write you from afar! If I wrote you a letter in a bottle, well, that would've taken weeks! :)



natalie said...


Noa said...

pretty things!! love the shoes!

Hook The Look

Alanna said...

what beautiful pieces! and that piece in the header is just absolutely amazing!

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