Tuesday, July 14

Shake it.

We are at the Shaker Village! 3000 acres and the drive to get here was just amazing; winding roads, rock walls, miles of horse farms with even more miles of wood fence, and utterly gorgeous weather. The Shaker Village in high on a ridge, but also in a valley (yes I know that seems to make zero sense), so we climbed and climbed and then dipped down to arrive here. The above picture is where I am sleeping tonight! I love the simple structures, lack of ornamentation and basic color scheme that all the buildings have. And again it's 3000 acres which guests are free to explore so as night fell we walked and walked and it was so wonderful to feel so 100% safe, like this whole place had it's big protective arms around us and we could just walk around all night.

There are a lot of animals here, inter dispersed, there are these goats and sheep across from our lodging and we named them, one is called Apollo Creed, and this cow here, with the adorable eyes and mottled coat is named Chuckles, although he didn't seem to have a really healthy sense of humor. He did like his head rubbed quite a bit.

Stairway you pass right as you enter the dining room. Gahhhh!!

Practically every wall has pegs, and I am way into it. There are also these lanterns hanging from the pegs everywhere.

Back view of our lodgings for the night...how will I ever leave here?


Sarahahaha said...

holy crap, that staircase is amazing!

Piglet said...

It looks lovely.
I'm in love with the staircase!

Angel said...

That staircase is amazing. Have a great holiday.

nath said...

wow. i'm so completely smitten. it looks wonderful.

ScottieinaCanoe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ScottieinaCanoe said...

I knew you would fall in love with your destination :) Happy and safe traveling!

littlebyrd said...

Oh wow - That last picture says it all. Amazing!

Bug said...

What a pretty little house and that staircase, I have to say it again - AMAZING!!

Meg said...

I want to slide down that handrail so bad.

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