Wednesday, July 15

Kentucky Bourbon

After a hike that ended up being longer than we expected, we changed and headed to the Woodford Reserve Distillery today in Versailles, Kentucky. The drive there nearly trumped the tour itself, I have to say. Horse farm upon horse farm and miles of fence and we even saw two mockingbirds! I wore my best interpretation of a easy breezy southern outfit, sort of like WWAJD (What Would Ashley Judd Do), which is sort of silly I know, but I am actually not joking!

skirt - vintage petticoat, thrifted
blouse - thrifted
vest - Ann Taylor
necklace - thrifted

These are barrels full of Kentucky bourbon! Ready to ride the rails down the hill to the building where they'll get bottled.

Sour mash. Not yummy. Pretty stinky too.

The fermented mash goes into these copper stills, the only ones of their kind in the U.S.!


Ms. P and C said...

I love Woodford bourbon...and I think that WWAJD is the perfect mindset for a visit!

labonnefemme1 said...

Beautiful! WWAJD...a big southern gardenia in the hair!

Bug said...

Love the outfit, looks like a great time.

Bug said...

Btw, would you like to exchange links? Loving your blog :)

Sacky said...

I caught the cats watching Ashley Judd movies and drinking bourbon. They said they miss you and this makes them feel closer to you. Oh, and Ella wants a Louisville Slugger baseball bat and a pony. She said if you're going to up and leave her, you might as well come back with presents.

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