Wednesday, June 17

Stripes. I love them.

Always classic, always crisp - I love summer stripes. This striped tank dress is the perfect thing for summer and accessorizing. It's also now available in the shop, as of today! The necklace was purchased on Etsy too!

These two stylish gals were featured in The Sartoralist. I would LOVE to find me a dress like that!

Two summer stripes listed in the shop!


the letters i wish i'd written said...

i am so in love with stripes i often contemplate moving to the states just to become a candy striper!

nath said...

stripes rule. i heart them a lot. love the girl on the porch. re lipstick and stripes? love.

Shrimp Salad Circus said...

I love that cameo necklace (though I'm off-topic...)!

tara said...

The porch photo is fab, the red lip sets off the look perfectly. That said, I love how you've cinched the dress with a wide belt - adds a bit of edge to the sweetness. Classic!

becka said...

Me too! I love that top outfit, too cute.

jarsika said...

I will NEVER tire of stripes. By the way... I always love the little things you have on your wall behind you in pictures. Either you change them a lot or you have CRAZY amounts of wall space at your lovely home.

Anonymous said...

so fantastic!
love your blog!

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