Monday, June 1

Lest I forget, Marilyn

Since Marilyn Monroe is so iconic, so well-known and loved, I find it easy to forget just how beautiful she is and how inspiring it feels to see photos of her. I usually go for a more obscure lady and bypass what's uber-popular. Same with music, but as I was driving down a country road this past Friday morning I was listening to The Rolling Stones, You Can't Always Get What You Want and when I tried to make my ear "new" and here that song in a fresh way I realized how amazing of a song it really is, the lyrics as well as how the song builds on itself.
Same with Marilyn, it seems new unpublished photos have surfaced (some you can see here and I am again trying to use a fresh perspective to see what I usually take for granted, in this case her striking face and how you really feel like she is conveying something person in her photographs.


nath said...

somehow i never tire of looking at photographs of marilyn. i don't know why, but wow, she's so incredible looking, and that there's so much more going on under the surface. love the third pic especially.

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

You're so right, it's easy to disregard Marilyn as an "obvious" beauty. But when you actually look at her, it's actually quite astounding how stunning she truly was. Such a tragedy x

paperhill said...

she was amazing, wasn't she? i love that last photo of her, she looks so lovely!

littlebyrd said...

She was absolutley stunning. I like your way of thinking ~ trying to see and hear things from a different perspective.

mice said...

She have a lot of beautiful photos! (:

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