Monday, June 1

Jaunty. Easy. Summery.

But I am not wearing this today, because it's cold! I was wearing it yesterday evening to dinner because it was very hot! That's weather in Michigan. This dress was a shop dress I decided to keep for a while, it's so easy to wear and it has pockets which catapults any dress into a whole new catagory of wearability if you ask me. I am sure I'll wear this dress about one more time and then it'll be in the shop. I have a lot of dresses that need to get worn, it seriously sad, I can't even justify wearing one twice, which is pretty much why I started the shop in the first place, my love for cute vintage clothes totally overtook the days of the year there are to wear them!

dress- thrifted
light pink belt - thrifted
headband - cali's cottons in glen arbor michigan (up north!)
white oxford flats - thrifted


Olivia Rae said...

adorable!! reminds me of the shirt I just bought from you!

Vintage Rose Clothing said...

Lovely dress! Makes me wish it weren't raining today! <3

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

i must have those shoes

retroliving said...

Super cute dress I adore it so springy!


misslikey said...

pastel lovely

anabela / fieldguided said...

Dear Lauren, I took your always/never idea and made a home decor edition. I hope you don't mind! xo

tracy mitchell said...

yay for pockets! i agree. they make an item five times more awesome.

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