Tuesday, June 16

It's actually going to be quite painful

I plan to go see The Edge of Love this weekend, and I am well aware that the styling/clothing will all but bring me to utter tears. But I will also enjoy that. It's sometimes hard to digest THAT much inspiration. I felt that way when I watched Brideshead Revisited, oh and Atonement. I actually do not have a particular fondness for Kiera Knightly although she is in two of the films. I am sure after leaving the movie I will curl my hair (meaning sleep in sponge rollers) for at least a week and buyu up every liberty print I can find!


labonnefemme1 said...

ooh, i cant wait!

un bel oiseau said...

Oh, every ounce of me agrees! I want to play dress-up!

natalie said...

So inspiring!

Mallory said...

ah i didn't realize this was coming out already. excited.

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