Sunday, May 31

Tara found

Sometimes the best things happened when you don't expect them to at all. Yesterday evening we drove out to the country to check out a house and ended up finding our dream spot. While there were no plans to move, and we love our current house very much and have put a lot of sweat equity into it, the yearning for a place way out where it's totally quiet was always there. And we found it! 5 acres with a pond (a giant crane flew RIGHT over my head while we were there), and the house is a "green envelope home" with passive solar energy. I won't bore you with the details, but I have included some photos of a place nearby this house, a little elfin windmill for one, so cute! Now begins the painful task of selling our house and hoping no one else buys our amazing cottage in the woods!

dress - thrifted
hat - estate sale
platform shoes - ebay
necklace - a gift from my wonderful friend Audrey


AlicePleasance said...

The place looks amazing! I'm totally "black or white" with living spaces: big city or far away country, I don't like what's in between...!

Hello Lindello said...

eeep! How exciting! Looks beautiful. We were in that same position when we found our house. We had to put our house up and sell it in 2 weeks so we could have our house now. It all worked out though. Sending good vibes your way... Good luck!

Laura Trevey said...

Very exciting!!! 5 acres w/a pond!!

** be sure to stop by Watercolors to
"Win an Original" for your new home!!

jarsika said...

I JUST bought a house! although its nothing like this one. :) With the current market I was able to actually afford one on a teacher's salary! I'm so excited. I'll post some pictures later... maybe a before and after. But I'm very excited for you as well! I've always dreamt of living out in a quiet place.

Anonymous said...

the house sounds absolutely divine, i can't wait to see any more pictures you post! your dress is lovely as well :-)

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