Friday, May 29

Four Friday Favorites

Sometimes I don't even know why I am selling a thing, take this plaid dress and the peeptoe flats, I mean,
I totally want them, I even want the red blouse, but I feel like pulling them from the shop is sacrilegious or something. Once something is in the shop there is stays, then I do a post like this and realize, "heck, I want that!". It is probably because everything I select to go into the shop is something I like, I can't very well pawn things I don't even like on gals, that would feel very strange.

Today is ridiculously gorgeous outside I just want to go to estate sale and drink cocktails. I did the estate sales and found ZERO, which is both good and bad; bad because it was a waste of time, good because I have too much already!


retroliving said...

I love those red shoes.

nath said...

oh dear, if i were you (though without the steely resolve), i'd definitely keep those shoes, they're SO lovely.

also, i have carboot sales, i have jumble sales, i have garage sales, i even have flea markets, but i so so so want to go estate sale shopping, such a thing doesn't exist in this country, they sound so full of promise.

rejenerate said...

Red shoes = major lust!

littlebyrd said...

You always find the most gorgeous and stylish things ~ I can see why it would be hard to part with them. Have a wonderful weekend :)

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