Tuesday, May 26

she is so dear, golden!

Here's proof that looking miles upon miles of cute has nothing to do with going to the mall, or any other retail store in all the land. This here is Duff, and she does these vintage clothes more justice than I could ever ask. She is decked in head to toe Dear Golden vintage finds and well, she's a freaking peach. She went to a wedding recently, and wore this little get-up, before she went she told me she'd be wearing this outfit and I demanded photos, and I am glad I did because she's like the new Dear Golden mascot I think! What a total babe.

1950s sheer blouse - dear golden
camisole, which I cannot see, but Duff has assured me is there - dear golden
silk circle skirt - dear golden
cinnamon leather ankle strap leather shoes - dear golden



retroliving said...

She looks gorgeous, those shoes are just stunning!

I love her hair as well :)


Chakra Pennywhistle said...

Such a dear!!!! She looks fantastic!

nath said...

a dear golden pin-up girl!

cookies+creme said...

so cute!! she looks perfect for a spring wedding!

platypi said...


jarsika said...

Supppppeeerrrr cute!



chelseas said...

She's fabulous! I love her look.

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