Wednesday, May 27

Recipe for awesome morning

Well, an awesome morning on a day you still have to go to work....

Wake up to the sound of light rain and a small orange kitty's nose nudging your palm.

Realize its quite warm and you can get out of bed in bare feet.

Remember you saw the Valentino documentary the night before.

Put on a lovely pair of camel leather heels a friend got you (on Etsy!) for Christmas that you can finally wear.

Let your iPod shuffle and play Gerry Mulligan and Art Farmer, your favorite west coast jazz.

Stop for a full fat cappuccino at a little wine and cheese place on the way to work.

Remember you get to go to Pilates tonight.

Get to work to find the meeting with your boss you thought you had is cancelled.

See? Pretty great morning so far.


nath said...


much more fun than tussling with a pint-sized dictator - that has been my morning thus far.

like to look at those heels sometime!

Lauren said...

that sounds great!!

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