Sunday, May 3

If you're hair is this big...

it might be the 80s again. No no, it's not that big, but it feels kinda big and pouffy. Today I stopped for coffee near my house at a cool little coffee place and there were these two big biker dudes in there, hulky. around 45-50 years old and in leather, but so amazingly clean shaven and meticulously put-together. One of the men, whose name is RobRoy (yes!), put honey in his coffee instead of sugar and I asked him about it whereupon he started in on how horrible sugar is and most horrible when it's white, bleached sugar. I instantly loved him.

Dress - thrifted and altered by me
Necklace - was my mom's and I snagged it about a year ago
Shoes - by Me Too, from Zappos

Music on my ride to work
The Kinks
Yael Naim
Tina Malia & Shimshai - totally embarassing yoga music, but the iPod is on shuffle!
Mike Milosh


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