Monday, May 4


I think of all the online shops I like, I like Totokaelo the best, it's the one I always remember to visit and I am always inspired by the clothing. The clothes are not mindblowing, get noticed pieces, but subtle, mostly sort of baggy and even kind of sexless clothes that I happen to like a lot. There's a menswear feel to the pieces, but there are also some very fetching dresses. I love the neutralize color palette too. The stuff isn't cheap, so I have never bought anything, but it totally stuff I find thrfiting often because of the simplicity of the clothes it's not hard to recreate what's there. However, the Rachel Comey shoes aren't, her shoes are so stylish and one of a kind, I am wondering if one day I will ever own a pair, I don't think they would be a silly purchase as they look quite classic and will likely last a very long time without ever going out of style.


retroliving said...

I really want those shoes, the color is perfect.

Sahra said...

all of those items are so darling! great post.

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