Monday, April 6

Winter Storm Ignoring

This is me ignoring that fact that it's April 6th and my car is buried in heavy wet snow and it's supposed to last at least two days, by ignoring I mean, I will not post photos, cry or complain. All I will tell you is that I just got a hilarious email from my mother; all it said was "Merry Christmas!", in huge letters. My mother is sometimes super funny.

Anyway, I want to show you some clothes! Not mine, not even vintage, but one of my most beloved shops, the likes of which I have never been, although they are only in Toronto. It is called Comrags and while I pretty much can barely stand that name, I have to not care because they have fantastic clothing every season and as soon as I get back to Toronto, I am so there. Their clothing is simple, yet not, subtle details make it seem very cool to me, and there is vintage flavor which of course, I totally love. Interestingly, their spring summer collection is full of black, but then again the winter one was full of lights! Sweet! I also love how they have those little colored socks on with chunky strappy shoes, I think I might try and do that once we aren't having our second winter. I completely fall apart for pintucks and pleates and Comrags has them in spades...if I weren't going to NYC at the end of this month, I'd be headed to Toronto for sure.


Poke Salad Annie said...

sorry to hear about your weather troubles. we had freezing rain here in toronto this morning. blegh. but at least you still have your excellent taste! i love comrags too! (and i know what you mean about the name. ick.)

Vintage Rose Clothing said...

Not that I would like my car covered in snow, but it would be nice if it actually snowed here once in awhile... :) (I guess sometimes we all want what we don't have)

By the way that last dress is lovely!

deedoubleyou said...

boo it's gross here too!!
and yay toronto..

Frankie said...

I can't believe you guys have snow now! We had it a couple of months ago, it was horrible. But those dresses are lovely! x

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