Monday, April 6

Nap It Out

I'd love it if today I could pretend wasn't happening, that it wasn't snowing ALL day, that it wasn't 28 degrees, that it wasn't Monday, that, that, that. But instead, it's a nice breezy day and the sun is shining and someone is outside mowing their lawn next door, and the birds are setting up house in the tree outside my window and my mom is downstairs making some oatmeal cookies with fat raisins, and later on tonight I am going to go to a have cocktails with my girlfriends downtown at Felix where they make giant sized martinis...and before all of this...I don't have a thing to do so I can just take a little nap with my cats, in ANY of these beds. Any of them.


? said...

Ahh, those beds look so comfy right about now. I say this as I'm sitting upright in a most uncomfortable chair with this weird ridges :(

AlixRose said...

Those images look sooo comfortable. It sounds like a perfect day. I have tons to do so am a little jealous. I will just stare at these pictures and hope that maybe tomorrow I can take a nap.

Frankie said...

Oh my god, these are gorgeous. I'm moving soon, so these pictures are very inspiring - thank you! x

HK said...

I love the all-white. If only I could keep it clean!

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