Friday, April 10

Week's End

There are often things in the shop, buried in the "back" pages that I very much love (well, I love just about everything in the shop, lest I would not have it IN the shop), and I think I am going to start a Four Friday Favorites post, every Friday, natch, pullling items from the shop that I especially love. Here's the first installment!


Ms. Poshlust said...

Hey doll! The gap.. (I know..) totally has an incredible white dress with a neat little pattern on the bottom.. very Eatable of Many Orders..

Vintage Rose Clothing said...

I love that little pink blouse!

Maisy Brown said...

Love these choices!

Frankie said...

Just so you know, when pay day rolls around - that bottom blouse will be mine! It's so Mad Men x

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