Thursday, April 30

Media play

This past Monday I was at the taping for Late Night with David Letterman, and while I am not a huge Letterman fan (my husband Chad is) it was very cool to see how a television show like a talk show went on. I wasn't into the guests either (Keifer Sutherland - snore), and I didn't know who the band was. I wanted the guest to be someone like, Steve Carrell or Tina Fey, or even someone weird like when Joaquin Phoenox was on. But nonetheless it was luck of the draw and luck we even got to go! The band was Bat for Lashes and um, I LOVED them, or her, or whatever. It was great 80s electro throwback and she was cute as hell, the singer that is. I also loved the drummer, who was also a girl, she played the timpani with her kit and sang as well. I think aside from seeing the whole production of the show, the best parts were Bat for Lashes and also the Letterman Band led by Paul Shaffer - they are super tight and so seasoned, it's great to see them live.


Anonymous said...

Bat for Lashes is incredible. "Prescilla" is on my top ten songs of all time.

Tracy said...

pretty pretty pictures!

Grace said...

Natasha is so adorable! I love her.


Lightning Heart said...

I looooooooooove Bat for Lashes, Natasha is gorgeous and wears the best things!

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