Thursday, April 30

Maybe an outfit?

Spanish Maiden Striped Dress

Gray Leather Skinny Belt

Leather & Snakeskin Peeptoe Wedges

I realize that last night I did a shop update and kind of posted an outfit! The shoes are even more interesting in person, they have snakeskin detail that has a touch of shimmer, they are great summer heels because of the wedge, peeptoe and slingback, oh and the color, I mustn't forget! I thought I had lost these shoes, I got them long ago while at a chruch garage sale with my mother in the town in which she lives. They then lived in my basement for over a year and I just found them. I never even wore them for some reason, but such is the way with many of my things. I need to start a more judicious policy of wearing all the things I have.

On a springy side note, it's warm, overcast and rainy and my office window is open, there are tons of birds outside and with the warm and the rain I can imagine I live in some sort of rainforest. The birds make the best noise in the spring as not only are they making their regular calls, but also mating calls which you don't hear year round.


littlebyrd said...

I love warm rainy days - those are the best sometimes.

la cuisine bourgeois said...

oh holy cow. that is perfect. effortlessly perfect. im sending you some outfit love right now :)

Lightning Heart said...

i love those shoes!

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