Thursday, April 9

Friendly Hornet

Hello! Happy Thursday, perhaps it's the bright sun, or my great dreams of big flying birds last night, or this fantastic cappuccino, but I am in some kind of good mood! Despite the fact that I have thought each day this week was the one after it, and despite the fact that I left my flash drive at home so I cannot post the items to the shop that I wanted to today while at work. It's no matter, I have a hornet ring on and he's fierce AND cute.

Tuxedo blouse with peter pan collar - thrifted
Mustard cardigan - H & M
Black corduroy pleated skirt - thrifted
Black & white striped sash as bow - thrifted
Sock - Sock Dreams
Boots - thrifted
Hornet ring - thrifted

Music on my ride to work
Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark
Tori Amos - yes I like her and I will not apologize, it was part of my high school years, which I liked unlike many people, sue me! I loved high school!
Ryan Adams
The Fixx


littlebyrd said...

Great outfit!! Love OMD -love love love.
Question for you: Are you using a self timer to take your pictures or is somneone taking them for you? Just curious. They always turn out very good. Have a great day.

la cuisine bourgeois said...

That little guy is fierce! Love it!

Tracy said...

cute bow! i want to know about the pictures too. now you have to spill.

~h~ said...

You loved high school?! And Tori Amos?! I shiver at the thought of both of them. Her voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. But your boots, mustard cardigan, and bow of awesomeness make up for it! :)

Sarah McNeil said...

I love your bow!

Anonymous said...

I like Tori Amos too, you are not alone. And I'm wearing that very same cardigan toay!

Frankie said...

That collar....<3

Also, that ring is so cute. You look amazing, as always


Lauren said...

I love your awesome ugly yellow colored cardie and your shirt with the bow....totally!

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