Saturday, March 28

Two the shop won't see.

Some have asked how I am able to sell some of things I sell as opposed to keeping them for myself and well, the real answer is that I keep a TON. Too much. That being said, I sometimes wear something once before passing it on, these boots are just such a thing. I had them fixed at the cobbler down the street and wore them today and now am ready to "let go". Oddly, I find that if I just sport a garment one time it somehow makes me feel less anxiety about not owning it anymore.

However, these two floral dresses will be mine mine mine for a long long time. Made of cotton and ever so easy to wear, I cannot wait! They will travel well, wash up great and I can sweat like a goat in them all summer with nary a concern! What more could I want, really?

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Frankie said...

Perfect spring time attire! x

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