Wednesday, March 4

These things I love

Note to self: Do not put on all the clothes you intend to post in the shop! I make the mistake of putting them on, then loving them even more and then having to decide if I should sell them. It's best if I never put them on I think, at least the ones I think will fit me. But then, I have to MODEL them and therefore I HAVE to put them on! This weekend though, I am having my friend Duff come over and I am going to make her do the modeling, which I think will just be real darn fun, less like shop work and more like girlie fun.

I posted the sweater and the boots in the shop tonight and well, the blouse, I am torn, I want it, but I will likely wear it once (like 85% of the clothes I own) and then set it free. I suppose that's a pretty fair deal though, I mean, just that I can do that is pretty cool.

As a side note, I had a real crap day at work, real crap, and then came home having to pee and was LOCKED out of my house. The electronic lock was out of "juice" and I was SOL. My brother came over and climbed a ladder to get me in, I was so tattered with stress about the all of it, I just made some bacon and drank a Guinness. Bah!

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Frankie said...

Oh my god, I need that top! x

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