Wednesday, March 4

I like this gal and I like her shop.

I made a treasury this week, on Etsy, and well it pretty much started with this ever-so-pretty peach dress up there. It's from Kisses From Anna, on Etsy. I discovered her shop a while back and was drawn to all the pretty vintage nighties she had (I have a huge weakness for those in all the colors of sorbet) and how she photographed them all boudoir-style. Anyway, I made my treasury and then this gem of a gal reciprocated the love for my shop so now we are trading, and I am getting this Peach Beauty dress!! AND, this fierce leather skirt, which is almost hilarious because I AM NOT a leather skirt wearer and never liked them, but this one has that cool gathering and I think I am ready to rock it, paired with demure shirt and prehaps some tan summer legs? I am giving it a try...

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Frankie said...

Do it! And post photos! x

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