Thursday, March 26


Just how much more flattering can a garment be than these pinafore dresses from Necessity is the Mother, on Etsy? I am totally smitten with them and pretty much know that I'll be buying one, it is just a matter of when. I would just feel so januty and pretty and even more so when I can hunt down the straw boater hat I am after!


Andrea Eames said...

Ooh, these are so beautiful! I love the huge buttons, am such a button fiend.

Oni said...

these are so cute. but im going to hold back the 70 bucks sigh

Claira said...

I've been eyeing up those dresses lately too, they are so unbelievably gorgeous! I know my life would be better with one. x

Frankie said...

That is ridiculously gorgeous! I need! x

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