Friday, March 27

Fickle Friday

All I knew is that I wanted to wear the brightest candy red blouse that I had just bought, not only is the color super saturated and great, but it fits like a dream! Then, I did know I wanted to wear the pinstripe vest. It fell apart from there. Still not sure which to wear. I feel like the option with the pants "needs" something, maybe a handbag with a print? And I feel like the option with the skirt is missing some balance.

Maybe I just need more coffee.
And to hit the post office.

Red blouse - thrifted
Vest - thrifted
Skirt - thrifted
Pants - thrifted ...i know this is getting boring isn't it!?
Little adorable Mary Janes - from Italian Postcards, on Etsy


Leigh said...

I vote pants, though both are cute. Maybe just a pin on the vest with the pants--something in a contrasting color, like turquoise!

Oni said...

i almost only wear dresses and skirts but i really love it with the pants you look like you could be on the sartorialist

Frankie said...

Which did you go for in the end? x

Catie said...

I adore the outfit with the pants. Would def rock that given half the chance!

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