Thursday, March 19

Brand name day

Although my outfit today is not particularly exciting, it is interesting that all the components are from "name brand" places, however all totally thrifted. I almost always looking for vintage things when I thrift, but sometimes a new item makes the grade or this case 4 items!

Jacket: View by Walter - thrifted, and yes I nearly yelped!
It is made of heavy canvas-like material.

T-Shirt: Gap product Red - thrifted and it's so insanely soft
Skirt: JCrew - thrifted
Scarf: mmmm, I guess it's not a brand, but it is thrifted,
just this week, and smelled like cinnamon...weird.
Shoes: Cole Haan - thrifted and such a score as they are soft as butter and unworn!
Tights: well, not thrifted, I lied, they are from Hue. Not going to wear used tights, um, no.

Music on the ride to work:
Blonde Redhead
Bobby Darin
The Style Council
Vampire Weekend

And in homage of name brands today, after I hit the post office I went to Starbucks as opposed the local cafe I usually go to, but that was only because I had a gift card, tomorrow it's back to Beezy's which is also where I'll be eating fat slices of french toast Saturday morning. Beezy's is run by a firecracker like myself, Bee Mayhew, and is a new addition to my town that has now become a total staple!


Claudia said...

cute outfit! I like the military jacket

Anonymous said...

i love the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

i love your mom.



Anonymous said...

love that outfit. the jacket is awesome!

Frankie said...

You look amazing, Lauren x

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