Monday, March 2


Right now I am on the hunt for blazers, specifically short, cropped ones. I actually have found some great ones, but then I end up keeping them, I am declaring a moratorium on this! But spring is the best time for little jackets, and although it was 19 degrees today, I am pretty sure spring IS coming, my closet sure does think so, I have cropped jackets and floral dresses all lined up and ready to go!

I would not have guessed I would like the double-breasted jacket look, but lo and behold, I bought this navy blue, tuxedo looking jacket and ended up loving wearing it. Nonetheless, I think I'm going to post it soon, along with the light oatmeal, puff sleeve jacket that looks loads of cute all belted up! When in doubt, belt it!

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Frankie said...

oohhh that top one is dreamy x

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