Saturday, February 28


Today I took 457 photos for the shop! I am totally knackered. I am wondering how I can get the energy to actually post some in the shop! But I needed to pay my house some attention so spent the day cleaning and clothes-keeping. But I am so so excited to post new things, I am so happy it's March and time to post lots of floral patterns too.

I thought I'd post some of my upcoming favorites here, just for fun!


Anonymous said...

Love the dress in the second to last picture! : )

michelle rivera said...

Gorgeous! looking forward to the update! XO

deborah jean vintage said...

good lord girlie! you are a wonder woman!

Frankie said...

Ohhhhh I love it when you post new you tempt me x

deedoubleyou said...

ohhhhh i love that floral dress!
so pretty

Unknown said...

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