Tuesday, February 17

These is mine...for now.

As opposed to finding their way into the shop, it seems these three items made their way into my closet (or jewelry box, respectively). I TRY not to keep too much, but I'll just admit it, I keep a TON! At least for a little while. The brooch was my mom's and she wanted me to put in the shop, and I intended to, but then once I photographed it, I needed it.

The black dress, is SO cute! I found it at this strange thrift store in my town that I had NEVER been to (so odd). They didn't have much, but I did find a few things and this dress was one. It's velvet and it reminds of some medieval-meets-30's frock. I also intended to sell this, but alas, after modeling it for the shop, it found it's way into my closet (still have not worn it though!)

The robin's egg blue blouse was so-so, until I belted it, and then voila! It was a must-have! Dare I say, belting so many blouses and dresses changes them dramatically!

At any rate, these now live with me, but there is a lot of "turnover" whereas my garments are concerned, so I can't say they'll never show up at Dear Golden!

Sleep tight!


Imelda said...

love those three.. you look great, it should be yours.

thanks for your comment on my blog lauren.

xx imelda

littlebyrd said...

These are wonderful - I love the belt around the blouse and the black dress is gorgeous! I sell vintage stuff too, mainly housewares and find I keep waaay too much but know also if I didn't I would be sad. You can always sell it later.

Frankie said...

That black dress is gorgeous, Lauren! I don't blame you for keeping it x

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