Monday, February 16

Jedi Fashion

I will admit publicly that I love Jedi Fashion. What's Jedi Fashion? Well, it's anything garment that looks vaguely like something Princess Leia might have worn, or heck, even Luke. I did not see Star Wars when I was a kid, I didn't see it until I was an adult, and totally LOVED the simplistic, neutral toned and modernist-meets-medival vibe of the outfits. Ever since I have sought out clothing with this spirit, and it's not easy. I worn this black wool vest out to a party on Saturday night and when I came downstairs my husband said, "you look like you're on Star Wars", and I was so pleased!!! I am selling this wool wrap in the shop now - probably because I have already worn it once and considering the amount of clothing I have it just isn't nice to hold on to it!


Imelda said...

hi lauren. love that wrap. i must admit, i love jedi fashion too (funny you name it that way!!) love your blog.

xx imelda

littlebyrd said...

Oh - this was funny! I love the look too and the story about your husband just made me laugh and laugh. Whenever I wear boots with a dress or skirt my husband says I look country and I always say "not the look I was going for" He tells me he means it in best of ways.

Frankie said...

i love that you love 'star wars' fashion. i also love you even more, if that is possible, for posting it x

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