Wednesday, February 25

T to the A to the G

Miss Gladys of Gladys Gladrags and The Goodtime Girl tagged me! Now I am to list 7 random things about myself. Which is why there is a photo of me (and my friend Amy on the right, bc she is very cool) here.

1. Skin is olive.
2. Hate loud noises.
3. Love kitten paws.
4. Resist using the phone.

5. Obsessed with the color gray. Still.

6. Never paint my nails.
7. Love cupcakes and raw oysters. Though not together.

Now the part where I tag unsuspecting blog-frens!

Little Byrd Vintage
Sweet Sukha Yoga
Tarte au Citrone
Fashion is Spinach
The Mezzanine
Dandilion Vintage


Gisele said...

Sure I´ll do the tag, but first I´m gonna take a look in your etsyshop, looks like there´s a lot of pretty things! :)

littlebyrd said...

What a pretty picture! Ok, I'll play along :)
I love kitten paws too - I massage my kitties paws and she just loooooves it.

Imelda said...

nice blouse you're wearing in the pic, is that a tatoo?

xx imelda

~h~ said...

I love the blouse you're wearing in your photograph, too. And I'm with you on all but numero uno. I'm as pale as ghost. This should be fun. Thanks for tagging me. :)

deedoubleyou said...

is that a tattoo? i want to see it! ive been wanting a tattoo forever and still havent done it (its of a bird too)
thanks for the tag lady..and all your comments theyre always so nice...such a pretty picture too!
oh and please stop adding amazing things to your etsy shop, youre killing me :)

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