Wednesday, February 25

All over it: The Boyfriend Jean

Loving them. From the waist down this photo (from the Sartoiralist) is me today. I scoured the thrift shops for MY pair of boyfriend jeans and it FINALLY paid off. But not before my dear friend Jason just GAVE me a pair of his old Levi's that have proved to be spectacularly perfect, and free! What I love about this trend is that you can walk into just about any Salvation Army or Goodwill and score yourself these jeans! They are out there in spades, for a song. Also they are great now and they'll be great in the spring/summer. I am going to work on getting some super lightwash ones, a pair no one will probably like except for me, I feel like I always have to have some fashion obessession that some people just aren't "sure" about. Hell, sometimes I even wear things I MYSELF am not sure about, but then again, it's all in fun, can't take oneself too seriously.


Imelda said...

love the way you said it, you rock girl! LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm loving this too. Somehow how the "created" boyfriend jeans that are showing up aren't nearly as fabulous as the ones you find in the Sally Ann. Beautiful.

Darrah said...

My boyfriend is the same waist size as me, so it totally works.

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