Saturday, January 24

Vintage Inspiration: Ali MacGraw

If you have never seen Love Story, with Ryan O' Neal and Ali MacGraw, you're missing out on some serious fashion inspiration. Ali Macgraws character wears the most adorable and understatedly chic clothing, I have always called that look, "Harvard 1972" look (although the movie is from 1970).

I have pulled from things from the shop, some recently added that I think capture this look, a look that seems to take up quite a bit of my own closet...

Happy Saturday!


Frankie said...


by the way, read my latest blog post - I've tagged you :)


deedoubleyou said...

oh i watched this the other day! i looove this movie (its so sad - but so stylish as well)

Teresa @ good-grace said...

LOVE this post!!

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