Thursday, January 22

Peacock & Pheasant Feathers

So I am wearing this little gem today, the first one in the photo set. I felt my outfit was mildly dull and needed a little feminine flair (if I may use that word). My friend Jason actually knew it was called a 'fascinator', I was very surprised! I picked this one up from TenThings on Etsy...she makes very nice ones for a great price...I might be back to be another, peacock this time!

I have a much less glorious head of hair than in this photo, I am wearing it in the side pinning up one side of my hair. Jaunty, non?


Frankie said...

That is gorgeous! Loving those peacock feathers...(sorry to rub it in) x

lauren said...

Frankie I know----you have the belt of peacock glory now, or at least you will in the next few days!

LJ said...

they're lovely, especially the middle colorful..
xx-LJ from SOS!

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