Sunday, September 15

Weekend at Windy Knob

It's not easy to come back to "real life" after a pretty perfect weekend at my friend Molly's house, Windy Knob.  The property is 16 magical acres in Michigan's Leelanau Peninsula with barns, a chicken coup, garden, pear trees, lake views...I could go on but suffice it to say I have a major crush on the place, in every way. The house is a total dream both inside and out. The weekend was spent lounging, listening to records, barn-swinging, fool-actin', hysterical laughter, friendship bracelet-making and finding some exceptional vintage at an estate sale. 


Kelley Anne said...

That looks wonderful. Where did you find your boots? Are they vintage?

ashley said...

The blouses are beautiful will they be up for sale in your shop?

SassySisterVintage said...

What gorgeous pics! The vintage you found at the estate sale is so Awesome! I swear that kind of stuff is *rarely* found in Alabama where I live.

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