Wednesday, July 24

Fun with Paint Chips, Dresses & Cats

Ella - not for sale

Sophie - not for sale

You take some dresses, you take some cats and you take the Sherwin-Williams Chip It website and well, 
you can play this game for more time than you should! Above are all Dear Golden dresses that are in the shop and some paint color "maps" that match right up. A little silly I know, but still, pretty cool!


hhi said...
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No Carnations said...

I just love that you color coded your cats!

Wildfell Hall said...

oh man I could spend a while doing fun...and slightly weird!

thatdamngreendress said...

I love you. That is all... :)


Rhia said...

That looks so cool! I have always wanted to have colour swatches on my photos, but they take so darn too much work to get there :D Thanks for this awesome tip!

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