Friday, May 3

Dear Golden - Behind the Scenes

Yesterday was a exceptionally pretty day at the shop as I finally decided to photograph an entire rack of vintage wedding dresses (there are over 100 in the shop right now!). I took some time also to take some "behind the scenes" shots because almost every view around me warranted documenting. 

The Dear Golden Bridal Collection will soon be brimming with wedding dresses from the 1920 through the 1970s!


art deco dame said...

Just gorgeous!

MarieBayArea said...


Helen Mae said...

Beautiful photos, I really enjoyed seeing these :)

Unknown said...

Oh WOW! Some of those dresses are absolutely gorgeous!
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Italian Postcards said...

Stunning merchandising! btw, I have treasured these David Palladini tarot cards for years.

Helene said...

These pictures are so lovely! This lace! <3

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