Monday, April 8

✶ Spring Dress Preview! ✶

Vintage dresses | Collection A
 Vintage dresses | Collection B
Vintage dresses | Collection C
Vintage dresses | Collection D

It's officially dress season, or so I say! Above are 4 groupings of dresses that will be coming to the shop very soon! Have your heart set on one? Email me! Just let me know which number from which collection sparks your fancy and you can stake your claim!


une femme av said...

So many gorgeous vintage dresses! *swoon*

xoxo | Rodellee from Adored Vintage

SassySisterVintage said...

so many pretties to behold!

Jade Sheldon said...

I am absolutely over the moon in love with all of these gowns... Wow!

Jo said...

The print and cut of dress 3 in collection 1, is the definite winner for me x

Emileigh said...

OH MY WORD!!! So many beautiful dresses on one page! I'm trying not to drool. So fabulous.

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