Tuesday, March 19

Home Crush

I'm already married, but lo if I were not I'd be shoppin' for a guy who had a house *just like* this. Somehow he makes minimalism so friendly and there is even spaces that are cozy unlike so many minimalist interiors that lack a nice curling up spot. I also love his manly garage where he works on motorcycles (hotness!). But seriously, what really takes the cake is this dude has my favorite breed of kitty cat, an uber cute Abyssinian - bedorable! More photos of this great living space HERE


BaronessVonVintage said...

I agree...this house is amazing! The minimalism in some aspects allows the more ornate details (like the bathtub feet) stand out to greater advantage. Swoon!

Wild Tea Party said...

This house is amazing! The one and only change I'd make is a large scale piece of art in the lounge room on the wall above that console/over the stairs. Otherwise, definitely husband leaving worthy ;)

martinealison said...

Une maison pleine de charme...
Gros bisous

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